“I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity.” Michelle Obama

Oh, where to begin. Do I start with being a child and learning how to wear big girl dresses or fast forward to now to the lady who climbs mountains, trudges through snow and still will slay a little black dress and heels?

Perhaps a little history…

I am a Florida native, born and raised in Tampa. I love my family dearly, which includes a 16 yo Siamese cat (who is totally spunky). You can always find me working on something and drinking coffee. I’ve always been involved in the arts from music to painting, photography and have expanded into blogging.

My post-secondary education was completed at Florida schools, The University of South Florida for undergrad and Saint Leo University for graduate studies. I spent time China, specifically Shanghai and recommend to anyone to experience living abroad. It was the best and I can’t wait to be an expat again.

But, like any introvert, I don’t like talking about myself. Behind the scenes is my style, so how about some fun and interesting facts about?

  • I am in a healthy relationship with coffee
  • I love animals, especially cats
  • My favorite band is BTS
  • I don’t like sunshine, even though I’m from the Sunshine state
  • My childhood was spent waiting in line for Harry Potter books
  • Spotting quality/ high value items is a mastered skill
  • I enjoy traveling, especially for food
  • Moving to China was my first time living alone and moving
  • I am currently learning 4 languages
  • I am directionally-challenged
  • Creating is at my heart

All in all, I believe in doing things beautifully and with excellence; and while I know perfection is a dream, I think it’s nice to want to make the space around us beautiful and enjoyable.

Live and learn beautifully!

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