Hello and welcome to Modestly Miranda. 

I am thrilled that you have stopped by my blog.  Are you wondering what’s in this small space of the world wide web? 

To answer simply, “Modestly Miranda” will be a sum of eclectic musings.  Life is composed of varying aspects.  Interwoven in these aspects are numerous principles and values.  We are all trying to live this life to the best of our ability; and I believe we should do so joyfully and beautifully, with elegance, wonder, and diligence.  The abundance that exists in this world is limitless. 

Everywhere we look, it is possible to find beauty and create beautiful lives that encourages and inspires others.  Elegant and modest living helps us live with refinement, grace, and consideration for others

I intend to explore thoughts on these and additional related topics.  Some topics that will be discuss on this blog are being a modern lady, how to live beautifully and elegantly, how to continually develop (or level up), femininity, class, travel, and food—definitely food.

Everyone is welcomed in my small virtual space.  If you love food and travel, are interested in beautifying your life with elegant lifestyle, ready to inspire others as a modern, yet fierce, lady, and are just enjoying the simplicity of life day by day, stick around.  I would love to connect with other inspiring ladies, foodies, travelers, and everyone seeking out life’s abundance, all the way continually growing. 

The content is sure to evolve, but will continue to be based in modesty, elegance, and joyful living.  I hope that perhaps over the next year, or in time, my words and work can inspire other young women to do what they love and be unapologetically themselves with class, elegance, and wonder.  To chase after what sparks joy in their life.  To be an inspiration to other women to be uniquely their best selves.

Live and learn beautifully

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