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Shanghai is easily recognized by its iconic skyline that curves around the Huangpu River.  The surrounding area, the Bund, is lined with attractions, from jazz clubs and theaters to quaint cafes and fine dining, including M on the Bund.

You will find M on the Bund tucked away on the narrow street of Guangdong Lu.  Walking in, you anticipate something great from this not so hidden gem—and you won’t be disappointed.  After turning the corner off the street and walking up past valet, you’ll climb a steep set of stairs into a lovely gray entryway with centered elevators.  Step inside and press the seventh floor for the restaurant.

Once you have arrived, you will enter a narrow hallway with a sign pointing you in the right direction.  The ambiance is already set from the dim lighting to posh décor that is not overly luxurious with just enough comfort for family and elegance for fine dining.  Reservations are a must for this esteemed establishment.  You’ll be greeted by a host or hostess who will cross your name off in a handwritten reservation book before taking you to your seat. 

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Spring and fall are great times to sit outside.  I’ve had the opportunity to go during both seasons. In the Spring, the city is cooling off from the summer, so the nights are crisp and clear.  In the Winter, the city is starting to regain it’s warmth, so the evenings are quite comforting. It only makes sense to claim a table on the patio deck.  With a backdrop that is perfect for the gram, you have that removed-from-the-city-feel, overlooking the Huangpu River.  The lights on the buildings are incredible and the view one of kind.

The staff is amicable, attentive, and accommodating.  In the mecca of tourist areas, the staff is bilingual, but practicing some Mandarin is always smiled upon by young waiters.  A great thing about M on the Bund (and most restaurants in Shanghai that I have been to so far) is that there is not a feeling of being rushed.  You can take your time.  Gaze out over the night scenery or bring your phone and watch a few shows.

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M on the Bund has a seasonal menu with signature dishes that include Hot House-Smoked Salmon and Charred Fillet of Grass-fed Australian Beef.  Both of which are delicious and you can see in the above pictures.

There are menus for dinner and weekend brunches, with the addition of lovely tea sets and dessert platters.  I have not gone through everything, but I will highly recommend M’s signature Pavlova.  It is to die for!  Finally, the perfect close to a great meal of your choice is undoubtedly an equally great cup of coffee. You can chose between regular and Turkish coffee, both being a delight.

Photo by Miranda

Of course, as this is a fine dining location, the prices are up there, but completely worth it.  In comparison to fine dining in the states, the prices are comparable.  I am all for good food and sometimes spending that extra penny is totally worth it because a good meal can cure anything.

All in all, M certainly should be a stop on your itinerary in Shanghai.  With great food, coffee, and dessert, what more can be asked for.  You are definitely in for a wonderful evening, if you stop by.  Sit back savor the food and relish the night.

5 Comments on “A Delicious Evening at M on the Bund

  1. Oh my goodness. This looks like my kinda restaurant! Everything looks so delicious. Thanks so much for sharing!


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  3. Yum! This definitely looks like a delicious evening indeed! I would love to have this for dinner!


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