“Sometimes going out of our element, drives us to create a new element.”

Location: Huangpu, Shanghai, China

Eateries: Bakers & Spice, Salon de Ville, M on the Bund

One thing to not fall short on is self-care and by doing it up with a bit of luxury you’re in for superb treat. We already have a routine (if not, you should definitely write one) and know that self-care goes a long way for mental and physical health. At certain times, we can benefit from boosting our self-care regimens. When I was living in Shanghai, I learned this and took advantage of the city to give myself the best self-care days. I would set up quarterly dates to go out and splurge on myself. When the dates came around, they were the highlights of my month!

In addition to at home routines, a day should be taken to get out of the house. Make an appointment and hit the door. It is easy to get overwhelmed despite the comfort of your own bed nowadays. Being able to work, shop, eat and date from home, it is more important than ever to experience the real world. Explore the city you’re in. Get a breath of fresh air in a neighboring park. And, of course, if you’re like me, treat yourself for a day.

Photo by Alex Qian on Pexels.com

Reserving a day for some luxury treatment, turns your self-care level up. In some of our care regimens, we see time frames where we are to take it outside of the house. If you’re caring for your hair, occasionally you go to a beautician. If you’re monitoring your face care routines, you have a professional facial every 6-8 weeks or so. The same with caring for yourself. Sometimes. We should “professionally” check-in on our self-care. This can be an exclusive all-inclusive trip, the stay-cation of a lifetime, or a simple luxurious day out.

Now, I am not saying to go out, pick a date, and just spend. No, not all. Arranging self-care dates at intervals prevents a commonality and creates anticipation for the next date. Before, going out on my luxury self-care days, I plan well in advance. There’s a method to making sure you get the most out of a luxury self-care day and most importantly—enjoy it. Before heading out the door, it is important to know WHAT you want to do, WHERE you’re going to do it and HOW you’re going to afford it. Remember, a day of self-care should promote your well-being, so it’s more than pampering and self-indulgence. Your day should be crafted to treat mind, body and spirit. And we’re doing this on the high-end.

Mobile Photo by Miranda

Everything is not for everyone; so, this particular day may need to be adjusted to suit your tastes. Change the city. Change the type of food. Change the activity. The key is taking yourself out of your normal environments to experience something more affluent. If you’re in Shanghai, China, your luxury self-care day may look like this in the Huangpu District…

8:00 We are not slacking on the day; so we are up early in the morning. Complete a full facial routine (Maybe the Korean 10-step routine). Get dressed—nicely. Do your hair. Drink a tall glass of water with a light morning snack and write in your journal or do a devotional. Do not look at your phone for the first full hour.

10:00 Head out for breakfast (or brunch) by car or transit to Bakers & Spice at K11. Order a cup of coffee or tea and eat a filling meal. As you wait on your meal, feel free to people watch. You’re in a good location to do so. While you eat, also feel free to look at your phone. Even catch up on a couple of shows. Make sure to have headphones.

Mobile Photo by Miranda

12:00 Time to explore! K11 is smack dab in a lovely shopping and luxury area. The building itself is floors of luxury shopping, art, and great eateries. While you stroll through the area, enjoy viewing the art that is woven into the fabric of each spot. From here, the Bund is close. Walking daily does some good; so, this would be a great time to try trekking Nanjing Road. More window shopping anyone? As you walk peek into some of the luxury designer stores, upscale malls, and shopping plazas. You might even pick up some snacks and milk tea along the way. Walk all the way down East Nanjing to reach the Bund. You’ll know it when you see it.

13:30 Around this time, make your way up the Bund, if you haven’t wondered too far and not arrived at the Bund area yet. It’s teatime at the Salon de Ville located at the historic and sophisticated Waldorf Astoria. Sip on teas and enjoy delicate pastries and other savory edibles for a couple of hours on plush seating in an elegant setting.

16:00 Perhaps some respite from the walking? Stay where you are and enjoy a treatment at the Waldorf Astoria Spa or take a quick ride back to East Nanjing to Secret Garden Spa for a traditional Chinese medicine service.

Mobile Photo by Miranda

18:30 Dinner time! From walking or even being on transit, you are sure to build up an appetite. You’re still right on the Bund. Find your way back to Guangdong Road for dinner at M on the Bund. Icing on the cake; for a good meal and a satisfied stomach makes for a good day. On the instance of a clear evening, take the opportunity to sit on the terrace for a spectacular view of the Bund (for overcast evenings, the main room is just as nice). The evening location gives you not only the perfect scenery and lighting display, but also the perfect selfie backdrop with an iconic skyline. If I may, I would recommend the roasted fillet of Australian beef as your main course and M’s Very Famous Pavlova for dessert with Turkish coffee.

Mobile Photo by Miranda

20:30 The day has ended and it is time to return home; but, before we do, exit to the left on to Zhongshan East Road for an evening stroll among the lights along the West Bund.

22:00 Prepare for bed with a nice shower and your regular nighttime routine. Record your day in your journal. Say your prayers and get a nice full eight hours of sleep.

Mobile Photo by Miranda

With Shanghai being a vibrant and expanding world center, there are plenty of additional options to consider when planning a luxury self-care day, specifically in the Huangpu district. The day could have begun with brunch at Vue or the Starbucks Roastery with a leisurely wander around Hong Kong Plaza and afternoon stroll through Yanzhong Plaza Park. Only to end with dessert at Godiva chocolate house only after a main course at one of the many restaurants in Xintiandi.

Everyone should reserve a day for themselves to sit back and refresh, renew and reinvigorate. Your day should be crafted to meet your tastes and interests, while promoting well-being. Try organizing your own luxury self-care day at home or the next time you go abroad.

Mobile Photo by Miranda

If you’re living in Shanghai right now, or even planning to visit, I recommend that you try some of the places mentioned in this post, or better yet indulge in a self-care day! I have my luxury day in the Huangpu district of Shanghai, China all ready to go for you. Download this itinerary to follow where your day is already carefully crafted and planned.

Would this be an activity you would want to try or think you can benefit from? Perhaps you would arrange your day differently. Let us know with a comment below.

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