“Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class.”

If you are a female, at some point in your life, you’ve heard the phrase, “act like a lady.”  It’s been reinforced with ultimatums and blanketed statements without any direction to the point that being a lady, sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is.  Sure, if you are not accustomed to being a lady, it may sound like a lot of work.  Plus, not every female wants to be a lady and that is perfectly fine.  Being a lady is a lifestyle choice, one that influences character, behavior and actions.  This requires a lot of dedication and conscious effort.

Being a lady is an internal virtue, not an external costume.  You do not need to go out and buy a ridiculously priced wardrobe (I mean unless you can afford it) or put on a façade.  It’s a matter of starting with the inside work and letting that manifest on the outside.  So, before you get entirely engulfed or throw in the towel, how about starting off with some baby steps.  There are certain behaviors, habits, and character-building actions that you can start practicing right now.  Find you way into becoming a lady with these simple beginner steps.

Photo by Kristina Polianskaia on Pexels.com

Dress Classy

Classic is timeless and something that being a lady is.  You don’t need luxury brands to dress classy.  While they’re nice, luxury and high-priced items do not always equate to quality in clothes and dress.  You can buy expensive items that are still poor in quality and taste.  Embrace classic style by defining your personal style with elegant touches.  You can start by curating your closet with beautiful pieces that will last and you don’t need to spend an arm and leg to do it.

Mind Your Manners

Yes, manners are still a thing.  They speak to your character and interpersonal skills in various social setting.  Manners show not only respect for others but yourself as well.  Value kindness, common courtesy, and social decorum.  Be cordial.  Say “please” and “thank you.”  Also, it is important to be cognizant of cultural customs. 

Listen More Than You Speak

It is essential to not only hear but understand what others are saying.  We have two ears and one mouth.  Be an active listener in that you listen to comprehend and connect.  Make sure that the person your listening to feels heard.  Remember in certain situations, it is better to be an ear and some things should be left unsaid.

Photo by Gabb Tapic on Pexels.com

Walk with Intent

This was an interesting phrase that I first heard on a trip to Europe.  What this means is to not walk without any direction.  Do not walk aimless or defeated.  You should have a good and strong presence when you enter a room and wherever you go.  Walk with grace, purpose and distinction.  Carry an air of confidence as you walk.  This elevates your presence wherever you go.

Be Productive, Not Idle

You may have heard the phrase about an idle mind and hands leading to bad decisions or mischievous behavior.  Being idle can be harmful, so it is important to be productive.  The key here is productive not busy.  You were created with a purpose and have talents and gifts that can b put to good use.  Delve into your work and passions.  Excel on you job.  Learn a new skill.  Be productive an reap good fruit.

Maintain Discretion

Maintaining discretion will benefit in the long run.  Discretion encourages you to be mindful of others and yourself.  Make wise decision.  Do not gossip.  Protect your privacy and move in silence.  Everyone does to need to know everything.  Exude a little mystery.

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