“Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living.” ~ Bill Malone

Almost everyone has some kind of hobby that they like to do.  Be it the traditional reading and running to more unique ones such as figure skating or art collecting.  There’s something for everyone to enjoy.  One may wonder why you should have a hobby or even consider it necessary.  Hobbies provide many advantages.  They allow us to diversify interests, have an activity that is not bogged down by work or stress, and work as a healthy outlet among other benefits. 

In this manner, hobbies function as essential lifestyle activities.  They combat boredom and listlessness with productive and helpful counterparts, adding value, novelty, and charm.  So why not challenge yourself with a new hobby?  As a modern lady, it’s good to have a hobby as hobbies are excellent confidence boosters, help with encountering challenges and determining creative solutions,  and produce well-roundness. 

There are different ways to go about selecting a new hobby and really, it’s all about what sparks your interests.  It’s been said that every person should have something to keep them active, something to keep them creative and something to make them money.  Of course, you can always monetize your hobby, but for now, I want to substitute this with the idea that everyone should have something to keep their mind sharp.  So, in deciding on what your hobby should be, there are three avenues.

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Choose a hobby that fosters creativity

Everyone has the ability to be creative and even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, you can find a creative activity to delight in.  Creative activities encourage you to push your potential and look at things from a different perspective.  If you are more of the creative type or are a creative entrepreneur, try something else that isn’t in your avenue.  If you’re a graphic designer, try weaving.  Perhaps you’re a writer?  Try your hand at painting.  There are many creative activities that you can take on as a new hobby.  Some elegant hobbies to consider include instrumental music, flower arranging, and calligraphy.

Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com

Choose a hobby that keeps you active

Staying active equates to a healthier lifestyle.  Not only do you have the great benefits of increased energy, better physical endurance, and improved physique, it also promotes positive well-being.  We all should have something that gets us out into the sunshine or keep us moving.  For those of you who love being outdoors and super active, you may want to try (especially if you haven’t already) archery, horseback riding, or tennis.  Perhaps, you’re a bit more laid back, try gardening, yoga, or even bird watching.

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Choose a hobby that expands and develops your knowledge

Your mind is your greatest asset.  It always works to your advantage to discover new things and do things to expand your mind.  Everyone has their own varied interests, so you don’t want to force yourself to maintain something you don’t like.  However, you should stay open to different things for experience and to show diverse interests. Try considering learning a new language, meditation, or even chess.

If you would like more ideas on what to do for your next hobby, check out my free hobbies list, Classic Hobbies for the Modern Lady. It will give you more ideas on what hobby to try next. Fill out the form below to get the list sent straight to email!

2 Comments on “3 Avenues for Selecting Hobbies as a Modern Lady

  1. Great tips! I’ve never been one for hobbies before, but just recently got into crafting, (doesn’t really make me active… but I’m active in it..) and it’s a great change in life! J

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