“Hello, holidays! I’m so happy to see you.”

It’s the holiday season!  The weather is cooling off, the tinsel’s getting wrapped around the tree, and the air is scented with cinnamon.  As Christmas day draws near, the countdown is running.  There’s so much to do, so little time, and the bit of time in between seems to be getting sucked away by parties, arriving family, and last-minute shopping.  With everything going on, we don’t want to be found coming short anywhere this season.

Be unphased by the hectic swarm happening around you this holiday and carry yourself effortlessly by remembering to keep it classy. While we’re out and about, and even at home, we’ll come across many situations where conducting ourselves with class can elevate us in any situation.  There will be many instances where holding sophistication, kindness, and generosity will come in handy.    

Don’t skimp on the party favors

No one wants to leave a party with lame party favors.  If you’re throwing a Christmas party this year, create unique sets guests can pick up as they leave.  You want the party favors to make it home and out of the car; not left inside to be that mystery item found three years later in the middle bin.

Always have extra

Extra, not excess.  The key thing to remember here is being prepared.  In the event someone brings an extra plus one or there’s an unexpected guess, you want to be ready.  While it may be poor consideration on their part, you still need to have a quick solution.  Keep these three things in mind: keep a spare dish setting, additional food in the pantry, and have an extra gift under the tree.

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

Be Presentable

Dress for each and every occasion.  This is the time of year when there will be an event every weekend, if not every other day.  Even for virtual events a dress expectation is still held. Always be aware of your schedule and the dress code for each location.  If you know you may be cutting it tight between two events, wear something that can be transitioned from one into the other.  For events on the grander scale, have a statement piece that exudes fabulous elegance.

Bring the host a gift

It is always considerate when invited somewhere to bring the host a gift.  Don’t just bring yourself.  You’re there for an occasion.  It is kind to bring something to contribute and show appreciation.  The gift you bring will depend on the relationship with the host and type of event.  As a failsafe, a bottle of wine will usually work (not in the morning though). 

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.com

Navigate conversations

Conversations can be the dread of any gathering.  Don’t let conversations run dry or turn sour as your out sipping cocktails and snacking on gingerbread cookies.  It’s always good to keep varied interests and stay update to date with current events so you’re able to converse with anyone and everyone.  Also, know how to politely and gracefully turn conversations from unpleasant and undesirable topics.  Doing this not only makes you look good, but it sets an air of comfort as you socialize.

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