“When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

In the wake of a new year and the old one far behind, we get especially introspective, wondering how 2021 can be a better year.  Yearly vision boards, new year resolutions, and weekly and monthly plans are depended on to keep us on track—that is mostly if we don’t fall off the wagon along the way.  When considering how we hope to make this a great year, typically most look at what they can leave behind. While that is great, I find it more important, especially when vision planning, to think about what to bring into the new year.

How will you succeed this year? What does happiness look like this year for you? What do you hope to gain? Last year changed life perspectives for many of us and what actually living should look like. Many of us reexamined personal relationships and connections, lifestyles, career aspirations, education and more. There were shattered plans and epiphanies. All of us were learning and living on a curve.

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A thought came from this time. For essential workers there lives were put into overdrive and majority of the population their lives were put on pause. I was a part of the later which meant more time and this lead me in my thinking of what to bring more of in 2021. Thus the subsequent thought of “what can I do more?”  What can be changed, incorporated, or taken up as a challenge? 

This does not necessarily mean doing something outlandish.  The year is what we make it; and one of the best ways to amaze in 2021, is to do all the things that benefit you and watch the glow up.  Enrich your life with those things of meaning, purpose, and well-being.  If it makes you a better person, helps others, and instead of harming, improves, that’s what you want to do.  One of my biggest takeaways from last year is to do the things that spark joy and promote growth. For this reason, there are a few of these on my list of things to-do more of this year and perhaps you may want to as well.

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Small acts of kindness Last year was brutal and we saw many rise up to the call of giving back and serving. You can never lose out when helping others. Kindness and generosity are always good things, big or small.

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Green thinking Climate change is not a myth, but a very present threat. Even if it wasn’t, I feel that is our responsibility to care for the well-being of our planet and all in it which includes the environment and wildlife. With this in mind, I want to be more conscientious with my purchases, explore sustainable options, and volunteer with local organizations.

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Not overspend Sadly, I’m surprised at how much I spent last year. Amazon showed up on too many receipts. While I try to sped with budgets in mind, I want to create some strict money habits and processes to increase savings and decrease debts (student loans are no joke.).

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Healthier living During the pandemic 25% (from 2020) of adults reported gaining weight. I am a part of that 25%. Much of my movement became static working from home and it hit me hard. I had just moved back home after having living abroad where I had a completely different lifestyle. One that was more active. I still ate the same way I did when I lived in Shanghai, but without the same amount of activity and it caught up with me.

So I want to get more active and also incorporate more healthy meals. For the most part my meals tend to be balanced. Last year with no eating out, I made nearly all of my meals. Still, I want to include more juices and smoothies and alternate my meals with those that don’t have meat as the main.

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Stay Focused and Organized Anyone who knows me knows that I am a tad (okay… very much) OCD.  Everything must have their place, neat and in order.  Still, while being OCD, there are many things I am interested in which causes various diversions and procrastination.  I am never working on just one thing individually or consecutively.  I want to remain committed to my schedule and accomplish tasks in given orders without running off to or pushing off other tasks.

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Self- Study Teachers must keep learning too.  We have our trainings for the subjects that we teach, but for other academic interests, we must take those upon ourselves.  In the technological age, it is easy to gain access to study material, leaving no excuses for anyone to not explore self-education to learn and grow. In the absence of a formal classroom, there are tutorials and tutors, journals, and aids.  I want to delve more into classical studies and art history. For these subjects, in particular, it is easy enough with the plethora of primary sources.

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Language Study Having a second language can take you far. It’s great for travel and professional advantages. After living in Shanghai for a couple of year, I thought I would be at least somewhat fluent in Mandarin, but it is easier said than done.  I have discovered that unlike Latin studies, I need to take Mandarin at a slower pace.  Mandarin makes up for Latin’s numerous grammar rules with tones and characters.  I would really like to achieve some level of conversational Mandarin this year, as well as review my Spanish.

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The Unpredictable Simply put, I want to do something out of the ordinary.  I don’t want to get stuck in anything repetitive, or old habits.  There was a lot of this last year as life was disrupted and put on a dead halt. I want to be willing to take risks and have others wonder, at least once, “what is she going to do next.” Doing the unpredictable also has creative benefits in that doing something atypical for you can get you out of a rut and spur creative thought.

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Read Although, I am still an avid reader, before college, I was if I do admit, a bit obsessive.  I would buy a book and finish it on the same day.  And I loved it!  Currently, I have gotten out of this good habit and want to get back to checking off the many books on my list.  More than a skill and great way to acquire knowledge, reading is a great way to escape in the comfort of your own bed (or couch 😉).

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Travel What?! Yes. Travel is a boundary-pusher, so I have discovered.  It certainly puts you on a learning curve.  The more I travel, the more I learn about myself and the world.  There is no other way that I would enjoy learning.  More than that, traveling is simply fun.  Each place presents a new story that I can take with me where ever I go.

2020, of course, was a no travel year and this year while I would love to travel internationally, I prepared that it may not be possible. So, I’m actually hoping to do more local travel. Florida is a tourist destination and as a native I want to explore not only the big attractions while on low capacity, but also the hidden gems. Kayaking down rivers, swimming in fresh springs, relaxing on tucked away islands and walking forest trails.

How will you add to your 2019 to make it a better year?  By writing my to-do list out publicly, I’m hoping to be more accountable to it. 

Is there anything on my list that you would also like to do this year?  Perhaps, you have a few of your own that you would like to share?  Go ahead!  I hope we all accomplish great things this year!

4 Comments on “10 Things to Do More of This Year

  1. I enjoyed reading this Miranda. All the things you named are things that we have often taken for granted. Life during covid has put things in perspective and has made me practice more gratitude. I do need to work on not spending as much. I can be impulsive at times so that is a big thing for me. Thanks for writing this, it was reaffirmation for me.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading and that it reaffirmed things for you! Spending is my big one–to not make large purchases. So I’m actively taking steps to do better with this.

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  2. I am determined to travel this year no matter what it takes!! It’s such a great opportunity and there are ways to do it safely during this crazy world!

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  3. I loved this. Reading it just over a month into the year has proven a great way of making me stop and think about what I wanted to achieve this year – and what I’m already slipping up on. I honestly feel like a year into working from home and I’m still trying to figure out a schedule that really works for me, so I’m hoping to get that sorted. Great post!

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