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“Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs.” Mandy Hale

Standards. It separates, defines, and constructs us. These character-building blocks are essential. Many of us have a set of guidelines that we follow as we live our lives day by day. Some might even say a “list.” There are lists for everything: dating, work, finances, and so on. They define a standard that we refer to whether it be to maintain a level of excellence, a practice of efficiency and effectiveness or the like. They help us reach achievements in the way we want and are usually the reasons behind why we may or may not do something. 

Having standards is critical for your character growth and development. It influences how you act, react, and interact. How you conduct yourself in this busy world filled with a plethora of beliefs and opinions on everything. What you are for or against, what qualities you value, and how you want to conduct your life. Your standards are reflected in your behavior and actions. When you hold yourself to high standards, it separates you as a unique individual. 

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Here’s a list of some standards you may want to put on your list:

• Grow your faith

• Love yourself

• Be humble. Be genuine. Be classy.

• Dress to impress yourself

• Keep learning and growing

• Do whatever you do with excellence

• Do everything in love

• Be productive over busy

• Let your passions light you up

• See the good in everything and in any situation

• Treat your body like a temple

• Let go what of is harmful to yourself and others

• Never accept anything less than what you deserve

• Take nothing from no one, while remaining dignified and respectful

• Have a supportive tribe

• Take control of your assets

• Finish what you start and never give up on what’s important

• Empower and build others up

• Uphold your morals, do not fall to the world

• Remember rest is your friend

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