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As I was scrolling through TikTok one day, I came across the creator @heymisskelsy. She is great and has a series on things that feel fancy but are actually cheap. There, she shares what she has incorporated into her lifestyle that makes her feel fancy, but didn’t break the bank.

This got me thinking.

Luxury does not have to be expensive! I know, obverse, right? Luxury has traditionally been believed to be expensive, excessive, and exclusive, held by the rich, wealthy, and noble alone. However, luxury changes depending on country, culture and class and does not have to be so restrained.

When considering the definition of luxury, your ideas toward it may open up. Luxury may pertain to things of abundance, sumptuous environment, and indulgence but also encompass those things that add comfort, pleasure, or satisfaction that aren’t absolutely necessary; and this can be anything! So, I like to look at luxury as extra comforts or wants that please my senses and add to the spaces I create for myself. When I think of luxury in this manner it simplifies and becomes less elitist.

So, I got to thinking about things that I enjoy that feel fancy, but are practical and affordable. Luxury does not have to leave a hole in your wallet. Everyone could use a little luxury. It doesn’t have to come at a huge cost, but it does come with thought and consideration.

Here are ten things that make me feel luxurious but don’t break the bank.

Delicate Coffee Mugs

It should come as no surprise with the blog’s tagline being elegance, exploration and espresso, that coffee is one of my favorite comfort drinks. My coffee mug collection exceeds by cabinets! Still, I love finding and collecting delicate and elegant coffee mugs. You can drink coffee out of anything but drinking coffee out of refined and artistic mugs simply elevates the coffee experience and moment.

Glass Vases with Fresh Cut Flowers

Whenever I can, I like to fill the main rooms in my home with fresh cut flowers. I do have seasonal artificial plants that I change out, and for the most part, these are accompanied by fresh flowers and other plants. Nature is plentiful around us and I love bringing it into my home. It just changes the atmosphere with brightness, renewal and calm. The wonderful scents are also a huge plus!

You can always visit your local florist to select flowers or even your local grocery store to start adorning your home with flowers. Perhaps flowers don’t fit your décor and potted plants are better suited (they also last longer!). You can still pick up beautiful potted plants in the same places. If you don’t have time, or don’t even know where to begin when picking flowers and plants, you can check out Bloomist for inspiration and convenient online ordering of plants, vases, accessories and more.

Hand Poured Candles

Another item that fills my home with wonderful scents. There is something about candles that takes a room back and somehow transforms it. Perhaps it’s a historic nostalgia or vintage escape. Either way, it’s another great tool for changing the atmosphere of a room.

Listening to Big Band Music and Opera

These two styles of music couldn’t be further apart, yet there is something about the styles that I find entirely grand. Listening to big band music and opera makes me feel larger than life. There is a strong flow of energy that comes from the splendidness of the genres.

Fine Home Dining

Fine dining can be an incredible and memorable experience at the right restaurant. It is one of the epitomes of luxury and elegant lifestyle, and you can bring it right into your home. If you love to cook or bake, you can set up your own fine dining experience in your dining room or nook by creating some magic in your kitchen.

Now if you’re reading this thinking that the kitchen is not your forte, don’t worry. Fine dining is a wonderful blend of good food and atmosphere. You don’t need a $100 steak (that may not even be cooked well) or $300 bottle of wine to get your fine dining experience, although you could. You can make this as expensive or inexpensive as you like.

To plan your own fine dining experience at home, I suggest either making or ordering your favorite foods. Hide away the paper plates and pull out actual dishes. You can purchase nice inexpensive dinnerware sets from places like Home Goods, Kohl’s, and Target. I recommend ceramic, porcelain, or glass. Cover your table with a nice table cloth. Set a candle or vases with fresh flowers in the center. Prepare your plate. Pour a glass of wine (or your favorite beverage). Turn on some light music and enjoy your meal.

Hand Scrubs

Hand scrubs and body scrubs are so good for your skin! They are great not only because they smell good, but help with skin renewal, promoting healthy skin. I particularly like hand scrubs because I can create a mini spa day for my hands. We use our hands for pretty much everything and may forget at times how hard they work. They need care as well. Take out hand scrubs to create a nail spa experience at home or leave one by the sink next to your soap to use through out the day.

Journaling with a Feather Pen

Journaling is a fantastic mindful practice and therapeutic hobby. As an avid “jounraler,” I have journals upon journals and it wouldn’t be possible without my crazy thoughts and pens. I have countless fine point pens of different colors and makes.

Putting pen to paper helps with actively creating a space for thoughts to flow. Personally, this experience is heightened and bit more enjoyable with a feather pen or quill. Sometimes, I alternate this with ink fountain pens as well. I get transported back in time while journaling. With a candle set and white noise in the background, it’s over.

Fresh White Linen

There’s a certain switch that happens in adulthood where the fresh smell of laundry and linens is one of the most satisfying things in the world. I can do some serious damage in places like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond when it comes to linen. You only need one bed set to sleep in, but the closet still gets stuffed with linens.

White linens I find especially luxurious and it’s probably because unless you’re in a boutique hotel, the hotel bedding will be in white and if not pure white, an off-white or ivory. It’s minimal, neat, and clean. Depending on the décor of your room, it can really add a subtle degree of elegance.


Owning antiques gives a variety of impressions including status, taste, wealth. Having second thoughts about getting antiques-don’t! Antiques are luxurious and elegant in themselves and a great addition to your home. While antiques might give an expensive impression, purchasing antiques of your own doesn’t have to break the bank.

Going to garage sales may lack elegance but you can find treasures at a steal! Many garage sales and storage sales hold expensive pieces owners don’t realize they have. Another way to collect antiques and avoid exorbitant costs in a more elegant way is to attend estate sales and auctions. Hosts are looking to clear out the properties. It may take some digging, but you can find hidden gems amongst the rabble.

If you don’t mind splurging a little bit more, there are sites such as One King’s Lane that have beautiful ornate and understated pieces available for your shopping pleasure.

Reading Leather Bound Books with Illustrated Covers

I am that person who will buy a book based on its cover and have books on my shelf that I have yet to pick up and read. What can I say? My eyes are big. On my bookcases there are dedicated shelves to collectible classics that are leather bound with illustrated covers. You can smell the paper flipping pages on an e-reader.

These are just some of things that I do, that for me are affordable luxuries. Would try any of these? Feel free to share which or things that you like that are fancy but inexpensive.

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  1. All of these are on my self care list too! No wonder I feel so luxurious on my self care days. ☺️

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