COFFEE: (noun) liquid that smells like fresh ground heaven.

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For me, drinking coffee is already a combination of luxury and elegance meshed into a mindful practice. It is the first thing I do when I wake and sometimes the last thing I do before I go to sleep. I truly enjoy it down to the last sip, which is why I’m always curious as to ways to elevate my coffee experience. It’s always fun to jazz it up, every now and then.

There are moments where having your coffee give more can be the cherry on the cake of your day. Be it trying a new blend or adding foam and ground cinnamon, there a various ways to enhance your coffee, bringing it from the mundane to the sumptuous. Big or small, these changes and additions can help you enjoy that coffee time a little bit more.

Here are seven beautifully delicious ways to elevate your coffee.

Spices and Extracts

Try adding some spices or extracts to your coffee. You get the wonderful indulgence of coffee enhanced by delightful flavor.

When adding spices, the key is not to mix the spices into your coffee cup but your coffee filter and brew your coffee along with the spices. Exceptions to this would be stirring or topping, like stirring your coffee with a cinnamon stick.

Make a chai coffee by adding a blend of cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg and ginger. Intensify the richness of your coffee by mixing in cocoa. Experiment with different spices and discover your favorite.

This is one of my favorites things to do. I enjoy blending ground cinnamon into my Café Bustelo to brew. Not only does it taste amazing, but the aroma is everything. Sometimes, I alternate ground cinnamon with cinnamon sticks because the longer the cinnamon sticks are in coffee the stronger the cinnamon flavor.

Butter, Creams, and Syrup

I put these together because they add richness, flavor (or enhance), and smoothness to coffee. They can be added alone or in a mixture as with a sauce. With creams, in particular, go beyond the store bought creamer and try making some of your own or simply adding straight heavy cream to thicken your coffee (try this with cocoa).


Who doesn’t like having their coffee topped off with foam? You can do this too at home with a dedicated milk frother, milk steamer, or a hand held mixer, for warm or cold foam. Sprinkle sprinkles or spice on top of your foam for a beautiful touch.

Homemade Whipped Cream

Of course, you can always go out and by some whipped cream, but making it at home can add a mindfulness and romanticism to your coffee experience.

Cotton Candy

If you are looking for an extremely unique way to elevate your coffee experience with fun and elegance, why not cotton candy. This coffee elevation is called “coffee mellow” in Shanghai, China. You would stand your roll of cotton candy over a hot cup of coffee. As the coffee vapor rises the cotton candy dissolves and creates a little coffee cloud magic by “raining” sugar over your coffee.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Freeze fresh brewed coffee in an ice tray and use the cubes to add something extra to your favorite beverage (not a juice). You can add coffee ice cubes to milk, liquor, or even cream sodas.


Speaking of liquor, settle in for a chic evening with a homemade artisanal adult beverage like an espresso martini. Grab your martini glass, pick your poison, add a shot of espresso, liqueur, and perhaps even some chocolate.

You can also just add your favorite liqueur to your coffee cup like adding a splash of Amaretto to your evening brew.

elevate your coffee, coffee enhancements, beautiful coffee

To make the coffee experience even more beautiful, try sipping in a porcelain cup unless you’re having an espresso martini. Which will you try?

8 Comments on “7 Beautifully Delicious Ways to Elevate Your Coffee

  1. I love ALL of these ideas. I have been adding spices and honey to coffee for a while, and the occasional homemade whipped cream, but you gave me some new ideas for sure!


  2. I’m with you – coffee is LIFE! 😁 I usually drink it with a splash of cream – seems to taste bitter with just milk but because I live so damned far from the shops, when I’m out of cream – I’m out!

    A step up (um… 10 steps up!) on the indulgence scale is Irish Coffee. ❤️


  3. MMMM Coffee! My favorite thing in the world! Thanks for sharing these great tips that I can use to spice up my variety of coffee!


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