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“The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets.” Salvador Dali

We are back with the second round of wine tasting in the “M’s Wine Tasting” series. To recap from 001: Coffee has always been my preferred drink for any occasion–and 90% of the time it remains to be; however, most will tell you when pursuing a life of elegance, sophistication, and affluence it is important to know your wines. That is not to say you need to be on the level of a sommelier, but you should have some knowledge as to what wines suit different meals, occasions, and most importantly your taste. Depending on where you live and the network you have, it is also just as equally important to have some knowledge of spirits and liquors, but that is a conversation for another time. For now, I want to focus on wine.

Now if you cannot tolerate alcohol, by no means would I recommend trying the wines I will be sharing in this series. If you frequently host or plan events, it may be something you want to keep in the back of your noggin though. There will be many occasions where knowing wines will come in handy. For this reason, I have started a personal inquiry of wines and thought it might be not only intriguing but helpful to share my findings. By no means am I an expert, as you know coffee is my heart’s drink, yet on a “wine’s quest”, so to speak, I will be sharing the wines that I try, my thoughts on them, and a rating in this new wine tasting series.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

A little reminder before we dive into my third tasting: I do have astute tastes and do not tolerate dry, bitter, or spicy tastes well. My preferences are sweet–seriously sweet; so sometimes even dessert wines are not sweet enough for me. I tend to go for sweet and semi-sweet white wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes. Due to this, I would definitely suggest taking this into account as I continue my wine tasting series.

Without further ado, the third wine of the wine tasting series is a common grocery find that won’t break the bank and was actually quite serendipitous: Bartenura Moscato D’Asti (2020)


The Bartenura Moscato D’Asti is one of the more economically priced wines. It is a product of Italy made with Moscato grapes. The alcohol content is only 5% ad it is kosher. It’s DOCG, the highest classification of wine for Italy. This wine is recommended to be served with cheeses and light desserts, and of course, is best served chilled.


For this wine tasting, I chilled the wine in the refrigerator before drinking. I enjoyed it nice and cold. The taste did change as it set, but not great, so it makes for a glass of lovely sipping wine. The first thing I noticed, that even though it’s not sparkling it does pour with a little fizz or bubble. The color is also cool to the eye, a light lime yellow, perfectly reflecting the crispness of taste of the lighter citrus fruits. The taste of the Moscato grapes certainly comes through.

There are claimed tastes of pear, tangerine, nectar, and melon, however, these came across more in the aroma than the taste for me. The aroma comes through nice and strong when you open the bottle. Because the alcohol content is low, those fruity notes come through more clearly, light, but if the alcohol content was any higher I probably would have had a hard time detecting it.

It is definitely sweet and perfect for me. So, I could drink this casually with how sweet and economical it is.

Rating and Recommendations

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall, I would rate the wine a 4.7, only because to top it off, I would love this sparkling, which I know would make it a different wine, but I just wanted that extra oomph. I absolutely love the sweetness which takes this over a four for me and also because I could drink this every day with every meal after lunch.

An extra plus is that it’s affordable and can be found at a local Publix, ordered from Total Wines and other similar places. If you are interested in checking this wine out you can use my Target link right here.

If you are not fond of sweet or white wine, I would not recommend this, but if you are definitely try it out! The balance of sweetness and freshness makes it go well with any white fish mains or fish plates with sweet glazes. You can also pair this wine nicely with light fruity desserts such as key lime pie, meringue, and tarts. If you have a sweet tooth as bad as mine, I would even pair this with a pavlova.

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What is your wine preference? Would this be a wine that you would try? If you have, let us know, we would love to hear about more experiences with this wine!

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