“Dear Santa, just leave your credit card under the tree.”

Do you have an introverted friend or family member? Well, I’m here to help you out because I’m that introverted friend and family member and we introverts tend to have similar tastes. We don’t do much and we like what we like. So when you’re looking for what to get your introvert for Christmas you want to hone in on their unique interests, little things of delight, and practical daily items.

But how do you know what to get? I mean you can always get them a journal (I’m sure they won’t mind) or even a pair of headphones (they’ll definitely make use of those), but the key in shopping for your introvert is to make it personal, don’t go general.

When you’re looking for what to get your introvert for Christmas, consider some of these recommendations.

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Journals. I had to start with these. Your introvert more than likely has an inner monologue going 24/7, which means that they need various activities to clear their mind and stay focused. One of those activities would be journaling. Get your introvert a nice journal in their favorite color or even with their favorite hero on it (trust, they have one).

Something for their pet. You can do no wrong by gifting them something cute for their pet. Treats are always accepted by pet and pet parents. Sweaters are also incredibly cute, even if they don’t wear them for too long.

A new book. Undoubtedly, your introvert is probably a reader. Discover what new book they have on their horizon and wrap it up with a pretty bow.

A collectible. What does your introvert like to collect? Books? Action figures? Stuffed animals? See what their collections are comprised of and find a new member they can add to the group.

Goodie Baskets. This is really good for the introvert with varied interests and isn’t too picky. You can build a basket full of their favorite things. Make sure to include snacks!

A bag for their things. Your introvert, whether they travel heavy or light, has things they want to tote around, and for that, they need a bag.

A ticket. A ticket to their favorite event, theme park, aquarium- wherever they like to go. Sure, we may be introverted but there are times where we still like to get out and about (even if we don’t exactly interact with the people around us). If you want to completely blow their minds and can afford it, gift them with a weekend getaway for some solo R&R

Speaking of which…

A self-care day. How can you gift them with a self-care day you might ask? Simple, you can reserve a spa day, retreat, or to be unique and wallet-friendly, bring the spa to them and create a spa day at home.

Don’t forget to give your gifts a personal touch. If you buy them a book, perhaps get them a handmade bookmark; for a sweater, get it embroidered with their initials. It’s always the personal touches that make the gifts extra special.

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4 Comments on “What to Get Your Introvert for Christmas

  1. Love this! As a fellow introvert I would be thrilled to get many of these gifts this year! Thanks for sharing!


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