“Do you remember me? I sat upon your knee. I wrote to you with childhood fantasies. Well, I’m all grown-up now.”

~ “Gown-Up Christmas List,” Amy Grant

Christmas was a magical time when we were younger. The lights and decorations; those long nights staying up trying to catch Santa Claus; baking Christmas cookies; and most importantly, writing our Christmas lists. We looked forward to getting everything on our lists and seeing the gifts under trees come Christmas morning. To return to childhood bliss!

Unfortunately, we can’t remain five, six, or seven. We grow up, go to college, get jobs, raise families, and just try to make it one day at a time. The reality is that when we become adults we long for those days of kindergarten and pre-school. Where the only worries were the nap time schedule, snack allotments, and new cartoons Saturday morning. Christmas, although still a wonderful time, now has mature overtones.

We became adults and Christmas has a whole new meaning.

It’s as though as soon as adulthood sets in (at any age) we lose the idealism of our childhood. Our concerns rattle us as we ponder future securities, the condition of the world, life decisions and simply being happy. Sadly, these preoccupations drain the life and wonder out of our lives.

Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

I love watching Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies because aside from them being great, these movies show how even adults can benefit from the tiniest bit of Christmas magic. After those couple of hours of movie watching, I feel inspired and hopeful.

Yes. We are adults, but that doesn’t mean we need to succumb to the dreariness of adult life. We should be just as bold with our Christmas lists as when we were children. They reflect hopes, dreams, and trust of new mornings.

Our Christmas lists should be just as enterprising, fantastical, and uninhibited as when we were children. Frivolous, serious, adventurous… the lists are ours. Gifts are graces that we should not forget and we can ask for anything. For this reason, on my grown-up Christmas list, I would want…

Love for love


End of violence

Free education

To rediscover my passion

Build a successful career

For there to be no more endangered animals

No homeless pets

Free airline tickets

Financial security

For my family to remain safe and healthy

My favorite car

To be able to pick up the cello and play it

To meet BTS

My own library

To have a private tour of Versailles and De Louvre

What would be on your grown-up Christmas list?

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