“And hope, if it had a scent, would smell like spring, like rain, like something new and alive.”

~ Jennifer Rush

Spring is in full swing, at least, in the Sunshine state. There is nothing like springtime in Florida. We hardly ever get really cold in the wintertime but the humidity goes down, the pollen level is low, and the temperatures are cool. Once we get past February, we are in prime spring weather where there is a perfect sweetness of dewiness and warmth before summer and hurricane season.

Florida is king for exemplifying “April showers bring May flowers.” The spring is a wet one with clockwork rain showers in the afternoon. Perhaps it is whimsical, but when the rain comes, I like to step outside with a coffee mug to watch, listen, and smell. Sometimes, I’ll run out to dance it—literally. There is something about the water hitting my face. A feeling of refreshment, washing away the dreariness of old things and the remainder of a wonderful aftereffect to revel in.

Spring is just the perfect ‘tween time and it doesn’t last long. January may be the first month on the calendar, but spring marks something new. April is the month of birth and another opportunity to reboot the year. Start new projects. Leave old things behind. Look forward to new activities and results.

What are you looking to do in this season? Each season, literally and metaphorically speaking, initiates a transition, ushers in a new environment, and records a turning point. It is important to embrace the positive aspects of these movements and recognize what we can take away for ourselves.

Recognizable actions for spring follow the activity and ideas of gardening: beginning, cleansing, nurturing, and blooming. Will you be doing all or a selected amount? The great thing is that no matter which action you are working on, you can see the result in another season. The wait may be daunting or easy, yet the assurance of a result is comforting.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Make room for the new from the old space

Who isn’t cleaning in spring? This is the time we do an overhaul of everything. We dust off vases on flower shelves that haven’t been touched all year, scrub baseboards, and deep clean floors. Do you ever shock yourself while cleaning? Like, who knew there was so much space!

As everything settles and drys, it looks as if the place is brand new. We rediscover new areas that had been cluttered and fall back in love with these spaces. The freshly clean areas and things are now ready to be enjoyed and used.

If we can do this for our homes and for physical things, how much better and more impactful can it be for our personal well-being and success. There are things in our life, be it personal, professional, or other, that require a good cleaning. Until it’s done, there’s no peace or progression. We can neither appreciate the space that is full of potential nor receive positive opportunities.

Think on those old habits that you need to change. Those old grudges and negative thoughts that you need to let go of. A job that it’s time to move on from. An entire mindset that needs a little soap and water.

When the old is done away with, it allows us to make room for the new. Hoarding of any kind, spiritual, physical, and mental can be a self-detriment. Work it out and watch how things improve and grow.

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

Start something meaningful

We associate the season of Spring as a time for beginnings, new things, growing, and blooming. The typical markers of new beginnings and fresh starts do not always have to be so precise. New beginnings can start at any time. The moment you initiate a new thing marks its beginning. You could have started on New Year’s, you can start right now, and you can start at 11:59 p.m. the next day.

Starting something is easier than following through. What is it that you’re passionate about? What puts a smile on your face? How do you find value in your work? Start something meaningful so that you don’t give it up so easily. It is easy to throw away things we aren’t attached to and give up on what we haven’t put our hearts into. By putting meaning into what you start, you will stay motivated to endure and see it through to the end.

Photo by Stijn Dijkstra on Pexels.com

Do what you haven’t done before

Do what you haven’t done before, and you are sure to find yourself on an interesting path. Doing something new takes you out of your comfort zone, pushes your boundaries, and may force you to realize untapped potential.

Admittingly, doing something new can be painful, overwhelming, and sometimes scary. These feelings can’t be helped at times. However, alongside these anxious emotions are feelings of thrill, pride, and accomplishment.

Newness for the season is a necessity. It is easy to get caught up in familiar patterns and habits. However, the old can inhibit the new and hold back opportunities. Spice things up a bit. Contentment is okay. Abundance is better.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

Invest in your growth

In the springtime, flowers are all abloom. They flourish after a cold winter, thriving while being cared for. That’s exactly what we need to do—care to thrive. Managing instilled skills and making wise investments shows good stewardship over your potential and can lead you on a path for success, happiness, and satisfaction.

Do you have a financial planner? If you don’t, think about befriending one. They look over your financial history, consider your lifestyle, and input future plans to formulate a financial plan that relates personally to you. So, your plan can call for investing, saving, retiring, and more. It can be expansive or simple.

The same with your personal growth investment plan. Growth is personal. No one will have the same growing plan as you. It can include as many or as few milestones as you want and be simple or complex. The one thing it must have though is a forward direction.

Develop a plan and have someone hold you accountable to it. It is important to be proactive with your growth. Growth can happen in any direction or at any speed. If we are not investing in our growth, we either slip or become stagnant. It is necessary when investing in your growth to be committed to augmenting what is put in. So, in order to thrive, adamantly pursue beneficial steps. This can be signing up for online classes, seeking out a nutritionist, or refining skills.

While investing in your growth, it must be remembered that investment calls for time. The time we put in is valuable. It is harder to lose what you work for the longer you work for it. Engage in those things that can contribute to your development and commit to taking responsible actions.

Beautiful things are fleeting and also require work. If they are not tended to, they can wilt quickly. This reminds us to value what we have cultivated. Will you choose to tend to your garden and smell the roses?

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