“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”

~ Alice Walker

What can you throw yourself into right now?

Well, that’s easy. You’re already in it.

Your home.

Of all the things we can work on right now, we can start right at home because it’s one of the things in our control zone. Your home should be your sanctuary. Spring, the season of renewal, is the perfect time to cleanse your home and get it into tip-top shape. A place where you can rest comfortably and feel energized.

Remember all those times you said you were going to do something for your home? You were going to replace the wallpaper… change the hose behind the washing machine… Now’s the time to get it done! It’s time for the dust bunnies to go, piles of books to be organized, and blank walls to be filled.

There’s no better time than the present! I find it hard to do anything in an unclean and unorganized space. It’s burdensome and weary. A home should be the one place your spirit is at ease. So, let’s get started on refreshing and updating your home.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Cleaning … it’s a full day’s work; but if you break it down, it becomes much simpler.

Cover the basics

Cleaning is pretty much straightforward. Where there are dirt and grime you want to get rid of it. So, start with the basics. Sweep, mop, wipe and vacuum. Sweep and mop your floors. Wipe down all counter areas and be sure to use disinfectant. Vacuum all the carpeted areas, cloth furniture, rugs, and mats. Remember to empty the bag and change the filter depending on the vacuum you have.

Ideally, you’ll want to create a regular routine with this, especially with vacuuming, so it does not feel quite as intense doing everything in one day. You can divide the work into a weekly mop and vacuum and daily sweep and wipe.

Dust busting

Dust gathers every day and if you have not kept up with your weekly, if not daily dusting, you are sure to be surprised at just how much dust has collected. If it’s a location or item, you haven’t covered in months, be sure to bring out a mask. Use a smart duster or microfiber. It’s best to use one cloth for initially dusting and reserve a separate cloth for polishing. Dusting and polishing should go together.

Clear as glass

Hit all the windows and mirrors in your home. Do a dry wipe or dust first and then go over with a glass cleaner. A multi-purpose microfiber cloth is especially helpful here for leaving your glasses spotless.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Deep clean

You want to do a deep clean in your home at least once every quarter. This means getting all those hidden gems and missed corners that we typically don’t place too much attention on.

Pull up your sleeves and get down into your baseboards. Use a brush to get between tiles in the bathroom. Gather the items on your planter shelves, or any high places and bring them down for a good cleaning. Depending on the materials of those items, you may need to let them soak in warm soapy water and brush them with an old toothbrush. Go inside cabinets and drawers for a nice wipe down.

Check for build-up around shower and sink heads and faucets. Bring down your curtains to be washed or dry cleaned. Get on top of valences to vacuum or dust.

Deep cleaning does not only mean inside your house but outside. Pressure wash the exterior, patio, lanai, driveway, or sidewalk. Get rid of insect increments around outdoor lighting. Check your chimney.

Tips and tricks

Use a system when cleaning to make the process easier, instead of going room by room. Add your favorite essential oil to your mop water to leave your home smelling nice. Polish wooden furniture, specifically, with an oil blend. When you’re all done, use a sugar scrub on your hands to restore softness.

When your home is in order, it becomes easier to align everything else. What will you be working on?

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