“Every single human being is creative and has creative potential. It’s like a muscle that needs to be worked.”

~ Lisa Congdon

Have you hit a rut? Sometimes that happens. We get to a place where we’re staring at a blank page or canvas, void of ideas and the creativity has come to a dead halt. Usually, this means it’s time to take a break and change things up a bit to get those creative juices back flowing.

When creativity flows, it flows. But when it stops—oh the panic. Of course, which makes it worse. However, there is no need to fret. The creative rut tends to not last long. Sometimes your brain just needs a break to process and reboot. There are various methods you can try to get those creative juices flowing.

Photo by Sergey Makashin on Pexels.com

Mindful Activities

Try centering yourself with yoga or meditation. Not only can you clear your mind, but you can also become introspective, which will release a new positive wave of energy. This can positively impact generating creative ideas.


Travel is one of the best ways to gain new experiences and open your mind. Anywhere you go you can encounter something new that may jumpstart an idea. Your experiences can also influence new work. Find different sources of inspiration in a new destination, by immersing yourself in a new culture, or by getting that week of desired relaxation.


Take a break once in a while! Sometimes we get caught in the drudgery of working 24/7 without taking a moment to rest and recuperate. This can have a serious impact on our creative juices. So, take that break, even if it is small. You’ll find that by doing this you may increase your creative conductors.


Sometimes, sitting down for a good meal can do the soul good. Indulge in your favorite sweet or tantalize your taste buds with a good meal and wait for inspiration to strike.

Photo by Alex Qian on Pexels.com

Doing Something Out of the Ordinary

There are times when doing atypical work can actually stimulate creative processes. In doing the opposite of our usual work or performing a menial task, a spark of inspiration might actually appear. This is due to the activity of atypical or menial tasks allowing the brain to relax in a sense. While your consciousness is focused on the tasks, your subconscious can churn creative ideas.


By doing other creative activities we can encourage creative thought. Coloring is a great way to do this. Make the activity simple to not overcomplicate your thinking. Grab an adult coloring book or start with a fresh blank page and allow the colors to do the rest.

New Interest

Finding a new interest will open your mind and encourage you to think differently and thoughtfully consider your experiences. Developing a new hobby or pursuing a new passion may be a great way to start.


If there was anything that was ever so inspiring, music would be it. Music is a wonderful source of inspiration and a strong drive to get those creative juices flowing. It can transcend language and time, and pull at emotions. Pick your genre and let the music take you there.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


Who doesn’t like sleep? Sleep is the ultimate rest for not only the body but mind. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Clock in those 8-9 hours. During the day, when you feel that crash coming, instead of trying to push through it, take that nap. Naps are to your advantage.


Go outside and get some fresh air. Walks are great for renewing your energy and getting your spirit up. Taking walks, especially outside, promote positivity, and will renew your creative spirit.

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing? Have you tried any of these or have your own unique method for getting out of a creative rut? Share with us in the comments below! We would love to hear.

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