“She found a place within that’s soft and forgiving and respectful and brave. She lives there now.”

~ Rebecca Ray

In this neck of the virtual sphere, we are not doing a “hot girl summer,” but a “soft girl summer.” One that puts aside stress, complexity, and strife for attractive simplicity, purpose, and delight. A soft lifestyle is living with ease, intention, sustainability, and mindfulness. This can transform your summer into one you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Summer is always filled with various activities and things to do and for one wanting to have a “soft girl summer” there are things that you can do to enhance and enjoy this lifestyle. Let’s take a look at 10 activities for a soft summer.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Beach Picnic (Or Garden Picnic)

Time to get outside. I know it may be hot, so you may want to do a dusk or dawn event but getting outside during the summer is an excellent way to foster positive feelings, encourage activity, and delight in new surroundings.

Throw a blanket down on the sand if you’re on the coast (like myself) or across a bed of grass if you’re further inland. Don’t forget the sunscreen and, fingers crossed, you find a spot of shade.

Seasonal Baking and Cooking

Stock your kitchen, pull out the recipe books, and turn on the ovens and stovetops. Cooking and baking in the summer can be so much fun! From utilizing seasonal ingredients to throwing a twist on light dishes. Being in the kitchen can keep you engaged all day long. If you are not as confident in your capabilities for the kitchen, go on a tasting—wine, dessert, or even coffee. Delight your senses through food.

Learning a Musical Instrument

Try your hand at a musical instrument. There’s something about music that enhances life, positively stirs the soul, and makes the world a bit more wonderful. If you have been thinking about learning to play an instrument—do it! There’s no age limit to start! Perhaps you’re already a musical aficionado. Give a new challenging piece a go and keep the music going.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Floral Arrangement

Floral arranging can be as delicate as it is complex. The attention to detail and mindfulness in the activity makes it an intriguing soft activity. Precise and nuanced. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard. Setting a bouquet of summer flowers in a glass vase on your dining table is just as nice. If you want to elevate the experience and look, join a class, or watch videos on how to enhance your arrangements and accessorize them.

Candle Making

Yes, you can enjoy candles during the summer. All you need is wax, a container, and fragrance to make your own candle. This tangible activity allows you to produce something you can enjoy for a long time and while doing other things. As a task-oriented activity, it will also help you be mindful and centered. Add summer scents like hibiscus, lemongrass, and coconut.

Spa Day

Treat yourself to a little TLC with a spa day. You can do this at home or splurge at a local spa and resort. If you’re doing a spa day at home, give yourself a little more attention than you normally would on a workday. If you’re going to a spa, try a new treatment and take advantage of the complimentary amenities.

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

Visit a Museum (Zoo or Aquarium)

It is important to take all opportunities to educate and expose oneself to culture and art and nature. Schools are out, so museums, zoos, and aquariums will have different programs going on. For those of you who love the educational and exhibit spotlights, be on the lookout for those to attend.

Romantic Portraits

Soft is simple, beautiful, and contented, and these ideals can be reflected in a romantic portrait.  Having a romantic portrait captured gives you the time to create something beautiful and turn yourself into art. The wonderful thing is that romantic portraits do not have to be glamorized—unless you want them to be.

Romanticizing encompasses wonder, beauty, and adventure. Making the smallest thing the grandest thing. This was highlighted with genre painting and can be equated to photographing romantic portraits. Making everyday life extraordinary.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

Make a Journal from Scratch (and, of course, journal)

Another task to keep your hands busy and mind focused. Have you ever tried making sheets of paper yourself? This is a great activity for creative writers. You can build all the elements of your journal in the way you like and give it all of your personal touches.

Room Makeover

Things don’t necessarily slow down over the summer, but I have found, at least for myself, there is more opportunity for time to do things, especially when it comes to the home. Most spend a majority of time or come back home to the sanctuaries of our bedrooms, and it should feel like a safe, inspiring, and comfortable place to be in. One of ease.

The summertime is a great time to refresh your room (particularly if you didn’t during the spring). This gives you the chance to set things in order and make your room nice and cozy before fall. Try a new color of paint. Move your bookshelves. Rearrange your furniture. Get things ready for the next season.

10 Activities for a soft summer; soft girl summer

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