Summer is in full swing and if you haven’t already experienced it, guess who has? Tourists. And it’s peak season.

Many of us look forward to the summer. It’s a time to kick back and relax, catch up on sleep and cross new destinations off the list. There are various festivals and events to attend, lots of food, summer sales, and no school (for most). But if you live in a high attraction area, you’re not looking forward to everything, because it means tourists.

If you are traveling some place new or to a place where you are not a resident, you are likely a tourist and it is very easy to spot you. The best traveler does not appear like the typical tourist and can even get mistaken for a local. Sure, it’s great to travel and experience new things. Visit all the hot spots and beautiful places; but, don’t be the tourist who…

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Assumes everyone speaks English

They might. But if you are visiting a country where the national language is not English, do not go up spilling English and then speak louder when they don’t understand you. It is better if you attempt to speak their language, even if you only know how to say that you don’t speak their language well. Trust, this gesture will be taken better and locals will be more likely to assist you.

Is rude

Just don’t. Nobody likes it. You are visiting. Don’t add to the bad wrap for tourists. When you travel, to one person you might represent your entire race, ethnicity, or nationality. It is burdensome but true. Be mindful of the image you are setting. It’s just better to be nice and polite.

Is loud and obnoxious

Stop doing this. The gawking, the high-pitched screams (especially at cute foreigners). This is a telltale sign of a tourist. In new places, unless you are the bell of the gala, you want to avoid attracting unwarranted and unwanted attention that could lead to other undesired situations.

Looks only for the hookups

When traveling, you take in the sights, the food… the locals are not on for display. Don’t be a jerk filling your fish tank or adding to your black book.

Complains about the destination

These are for those who complain while on vacation about menial things and without cultural understanding. From the food, the people, to the culture—the weather. If you planned a trip to a unique destination, take it in. Every location will have its good and bad, but the important thing is to stay open-minded, positive, and appreciate the there and now. Complaining won’t change anything. You are stuck until you get back on the plane. Find the good things and focus on them, or chuck it up to a “learning” travel experience.

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