“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.”

John Walters

If you are looking for a beef steak alternative, this tuna steak recipe is just for you. I love a good filet mignon, and I don’t really think I can get enough it, but all good things should be done in moderation- and this includes food! I put my best effort in balancing the types of meat I eat. So, when it comes to a time where there’s been too many red meats in a row, I switch it up. Going from a heavier meat to a lighter meat, resets my meals while still being utterly delicious.

Tuna is a flavorful fish and a part of the “red meats” of fish, which makes it a perfect steak substitute. It’s thickness and cut is similar to steak. The texture, while more solid and consistent, is also pretty close. Now, as tuna is fish, it will require a different method for cooking and accompanying sauces and sides. It will be a fresh dinner experience and give you something new to jazz up your weekly dinners with.

One of the best things about tuna steaks is that while tuna is a heavy for fish, it leaves you full without feeling heavy like your meal is sticking to your bones. A fish jammed pack with flavor and taste, it calls for balancing sides that won’t overpower. Lightly sauteed zucchini and even sour cream mashed potatoes goes well with this main.


Tuna steaks with a mustard lemon sauce 😋. And, yes, the cat has his own little plate. …..#pansearedtunasteaks #tunasteaks #homechef


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