“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

Katherine Henson

What does it mean to have a soft life? In the age of social media and content creators, we have seen the many cycles of aesthetics and [fill in the blank] life. It is an interesting phenomenon in a search for the best way to live, which is a whole other topic that can be discussed at a later date. The latest in the cycle is the “soft life.” But what does that mean and what does that look like?

To answer this question, I will put aside cultural aspects (as there are discrepancies on cultural influences that lead to this lifestyle) to look purely from a lifestyle or way of living perspective as supported by mainstream social media. This way it can be universally applied, but note that applying cultural nuances to a universal meaning of soft life adds personal characterization to and enriches how one lives a soft life. I will also apply a modern interpretation when examining the social media presentation and literal word meaning.

When we look at the word soft, it has numerous definitions, some close in meaning and others dependent on prepositional phrasing. In describing a lifestyle, I look to the adjectival definition which summarized, attributes soft as agreeable to the sense, bringing ease, comfort, and quiet, causing little discomfort or difficulty. There is a gentleness, kindness, and tenderness. With such characterization, it is easy to see how soft life becomes desirable, simultaneously detestable.

For those who are of the opinion life is grit, tumultuous, and being soft is cowardly, lazy, and abuse of wealth, the soft life is a curious thing. If this view is maintained, it negates the power of softness. For many, proclaiming the “soft life,” they laud the removal of stress, burden, and anxiety. Softness does not nullify challenges, hard work, or strength; but it does assert peace, acceptance, pleasure, and purpose.

To live a soft life is to not live in conflict and fight against the grain, but to live in an intentional contented flow. This makes way for a life that seeks ease, serenity, and stillness. One can rest in decisions made, be bolstered by strengths and talents, and be you. If it doesn’t sit right with you, it’s not to be a part of your life. While living a soft life you can purposefully create a beautiful one.

Living a soft life positions you as the curator of your life. As your personal life curator, the way you apply the soft life will look different from everyone else. Is the soft life sunshine and rainbows? No? But it is living with the intention of making a beautiful and joyful life.

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