“And there, autumn met me with the loveliest of winds; but a heart blown asunder as her leaves would fall again.”

~ Angie Weiland-Crosby

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For those of us in the northern hemisphere, our places are winding down and settling in for fall. Fall is a season for letting go, reaping, and slowing down which is why I, personally, find it the perfect season for soft, simple, and elegant things. For the lifestyle of intention, contentment, and ease, soft, simple, and sophisticated just matches well.

How can a serene and elegant lifestyle contribute to soft autumn or soft fall things? While northerners may have it better with actually seeing the seasons change, those closer to the equator like myself rely on season comforts to make it feel like autumn. If you are looking to soften your lifestyle, here are ten soft autumn things for you to put on your list this season.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Big Scarves

Scarves are such a fabulous accessory. From colors, shades, makes, and materials, there’s a scarf for any outfit. Fluffy scarves are so comfortable, but, of course, those of us in warmer areas can’t exactly do heavy scarves. This is a great time for sheer cotton and loosely knitted scarves.

Warm-toned Palettes

Autumn is the golden hour of the year, and it’s only right to bring the warmth to skin and face. Gold, scarlet, pumpkin, sand. And add a little shimmer and sparkle. Now, I know everyone cannot where warm-toned colors and makeup palettes, but the alternative is to wear the compliment: shades of blue, green, purple, and neutrals like cornflower blue, beige, and mauve.


I love a good bootie, especially with a solid heel. They are wonderful cousins to knee-high and traditional boots, giving the feel of fall without causing overheating. If you live in warmer areas, selecting booties with an open toe, open designs, and breathable material is the way to go.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Spices and Candles

There is no way you make it through fall and not see spices and candles. Winter has magic in the air; autumn has spice. Be it candles, potpourri, simmer spice blends, or oil diffusers, adding spiced scents in the air is a subtly soft way to bring autumn to your atmosphere. Lighting candles adds simplicity and romance.

Over-sized Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Who loves a good, oversized sweater and sweatshirt? This girl right here. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be cold for me to wear one; they’re just so comfortable and cozy. When you find the right garment that’s just right in size and material, it is heaven. It is essential to touch the fabric and feel the weight to find the right one.

Warm Colored Jewelry

Just as with warm palettes, your jewelry should also be complementary. This is the season for red gems like ruby and garnet, purple ones like amethyst and alexandrite, golden south sea pearls, and more. If you want to compliment warm tones try on freshwater pearls, peridot, jade, or turquoise. And diamonds are always in season.

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

Spiced Desserts

When fall comes to mind, I think of gingersnaps, pumpkin-spiced lattes, sweet potato pies, and autumn pavlovas. There are so many delicious desserts for this season’s bake, that a daily walk is a necessity to avoid turning into a pumpkin.

Warming Coffee

Coffee is a go all year round, but when fall comes around, I like to spice it up. I love food, and when it comes to having memorable meals, I look for a “warming effect.” It’s hard to describe other than saying it does more than warm my body, but rather my heart and spirit if that relates. So when it comes to coffee moments that spark warmth, I enhance them with soft changes, such as adding a cinnamon stick, brewing with a chai mixture, adding handmade coffee creamer, or getting a new blend.

Fall Décor

Obviously, we wouldn’t want to leave the home bear during this season. Aside from Christmas, Fall is one of my favorite times for interior decorating. Vases get switched out for pumpkin baskets. Fall wreaths go up. Candles are set out and around. The garlands hung wherever possible. Living in a place where the outside stays green 90 percent of the year, fall décor is essential in making it actually feel like the season has changed.

Hard-covered Books

Snuggling up with books this season is a general must, but particularly hard-covered books. Yes, I’m biased. I love the feel of the covers, especially leather covers in my hand; but, just give me the smell of a newly opened book, and I’ll be goldened. I wonder if they can put that into a candle?

Did any of my soft autumn things match your list?

What else would you include to live softly during autumn?

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