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Coffee and Dessert Pairings for the Summer

The fun thing about summer is that you can leisure a bit more and indulge. So, as the final month of summer winds down, I wanted to share some coffee and dessert pairings for the summer that you can enjoy.


7 Beautifully Delicious Ways to Elevate Your Coffee

There are moments where having your coffee give more can be the cherry on the cake of your day. Be it trying a new blend or adding foam and ground cinnamon, there a various ways to enhance your coffee bringing it from the mundane to sumptuous. Big or small, these changes and additions can help you enjoy that coffee time a little bit more.


Coffee is for Every Time of the Day

There is a variety of boldness and taste when it comes to coffee. In deciding on what kind of coffee to drink at a particular time, it is important to keep this in mind along with lifestyle. Someone with a high-intense lifestyle would drink a different coffee round up then one who has, perhaps, a more laidback lifestyle. The following coffee “day menu” is a generalized recommendation based on a gentle start and climb through the day, as well as a decrescendo of coffee roasts.