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Are You Thinking About Traveling Abroad? Do it!

Do you have the travel bug, right now? Maybe you just want to explore the world more? Perhaps you want a fresh, new start? Or maybe you want to meet new people and try new things. Whatever your reason, you’ve come across this post right now because you are thinking about living abroad. And my response to that internal question is- do it!


20 Lessons I Learned My First Year While Being an Expat

As I sit back waiting for fall to get into full swing, I am reminded about this time a few years ago I was preparing for my first move abroad. My first move ever. It was a crazy time! The whole time rushed past me in a blur. There were documents, luggage, and my mind was trying to process more than it could handle. You never know what quite to expect when moving abroad, just that you should probably expect everything.


5 Home Comforts That are Luxuries in Shanghai

There were many things I needed to get accustomed to after my initial culture shock and lifestyle 180. During my time abroad, there were many things I recognized as home comforts that turned out to luxuries in Shanghai.