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5 Things to do When It’s Fall in Florida

Florida is finally starting to have crisp mornings. With brief dips into the sixties and highs starting to trend in the eighties, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall in Florida. Granted we don’t really get a true fall.


10 Soft Autumn Things

Fall is a season for letting go, reaping, and slowing down which is why I, personally, find it the perfect season for soft, simple, and elegant things. For the lifestyle of intention, contentment, and ease, soft, simple, and sophisticated just matches well.


It’s Not Fall Without These: My Favorite Things for the Season

You won’t see swimsuits, daisy dukes, and flip flops now for a while, unless you live in tropical area that is. Even still, fall is officially here and it’s time to bring out the sweaters, scarves and booties; but it’s not just style that changes. Along with the changing colors of the leaves, come those changes in décor, atmosphere, and taste. So it’s also time to brew that pumpkin spice coffee, light apple cinnamon candles, and bring out the flavorful pies.