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Getting That Summer Glow in the Winter Time

For all those who live in places with real winters, how do you face the cold? My first real winter, the hair and skin terrors hit me hard. The winter only lasts a few days in Florida and when I say winter, I mean 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Facing the cold, I concluded the only way to make it through winter without coming out like jerky is to stock up on those holy grail beauty products that would leave my face glowing, hair shining, and skin soft to the touch as though I were sitting on a beach in December.


Rituals #1: My Morning Face-Care Routine

What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Get out of bed and make it up. Brush your teeth wash your face. Get the morning brew going. Look in a full closet at a loss of what to wear. We have all developed important morning rituals that are characteristic of how we start our day; however, ladies if you do not have a morning beauty ritual, you’re falling short.


Using K-Beauty for Self-Care

Our self-care moments should be times that we enjoy. Honestly, they are some of the best moments of my day because they remind me that it’s always the little moments. These little moments are the fabric of our lives. I love picking out activities to do for myself—movie night, retail therapy, stay-cation. One of my favorite activities to do for self-care, I do just about every day. These are my face care routines.