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28 Days of Heartfelt Dishes

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” ~Harriet Van HorneDuring February, I shared some of my favorite dishes I enjoy making and even some new loves. One of the most wonderful things about food is how intimate, heart-warming, and comforting it can be. It can be more than just food on a plate. It can be … Read More 28 Days of Heartfelt Dishes


A Seafood Favorite: Brown Sugar & Mustard Glazed Salmon

A delicious combination of sweet and spicy that never disappoints. Dijon mustard and dark brown sugar combine as a lovely pairing to enhance an already flavorful fish. It is absolutely delicious!

No-Fuss Blackened Salmon

Blackened salmon. No that does not mean that you burn it, but instead you’re using intense heat for a quick period of time to make the outer layers of the fish crisp. The blackened part comes from the cooked spices. There will be a clear distinction between burnt and blackened that you can detect by eye and taste.


The Classic Crème Brulee

“Life is short, make it sweet.” Crème brulee is one of my favorite desserts. I say this about a lot of desserts, but really, I could eat crème brulee everyday. It truly is a dessert that brings a touch of elegance and delight to any part of the day. While rich and smooth in taste, it is not overwhelming. It is also one of … Read More The Classic Crème Brulee