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“You have two homes, Earth and your body.  Take care of them.”  Meg Byrnes

As we look to care for ourselves and focus on our well-being physically and mentally, it becomes important to incorporate regular self-care routines into our daily lives.  Self-care promotes healthier living by rejuvenating spirit and body.  After working hard and stretching ourselves thin across everyone else’s agenda, self-care reminds us to take time for ourselves.

Our self-care moments should be times that we enjoy.  Honestly, they are some of the best moments of my day because they remind me that it’s always the little moments.  These little moments are the fabric of our lives.  I love picking out activities to do for myself—movie night, retail therapy, stay-cation.   One of my favorite activities to do for self-care, I do just about every day.  These are my face care routines.

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Simplicity is my constant magic ingredient for self-care.  My daily routine starts and ends with face care.  These are my “me times” at significant times in the day—a refresher after waking up and a soothing before going to bed.  So, what does this look like?

My facecare routine follows the doctrine of Kbeauty.  I am an avid follower of the 7 (or 10) step method.  Does this take time?  Yes.  And that’s the point.  Having time for yourself.  What could be better than helping yourself while simultaneously beautifying?

The KCraze is nothing new yet seems to be more intense than ever.  Korean skincare and beauty brands have dazzled their western counterparts with their innovation and development.  More and more the national prized products of the East are becoming coveted by the West.  All the same, there is good reason for it—because it works! 

If this is something you have never tried before, I highly recommend it.  Korean beauty is known for skincare trends such as snail essence, 10-step method, and or even more unique trends such as horse oil and snake venom.  But we don’t continue for trends.  We continue for effectiveness.

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It doesn’t matter your skin ethnicity or type, there is a product you can use.  Korean beauty companies develop a wide array of products to address just about every skincare concern; and, routines are tried and true. 

  • Improve Skin Tone     We want healthy and blemish-free skin.  Start clarifying and enhancing your skin.  There are an assortment of products containing beneficial glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid.  Products containing alpha hydroxyl and glycolic acids are must-haves for those who have scars are have skin that easily scars.  For issues such as acne scaring and hyperpigmentation, Kbeauty is a necessity.  Additionally, avoid looking gray and ashy, redness and unseemly appearance of ingrown hairs.  Exfoliation is essential for all three. 
  • Improve Skin Texture     No point in having a beautiful skin tone and then if someone rubs their hand across your cheek or arm its feel like sandpaper.  Focus on nourishing skin from deep under the epidermis.  Not only do K-Beauty products help with this, but also Korean skin care routines, such as the 10-step Korean skin care routine.
  • Oil Control     Those who have larger oil glands will note a higher secretion of an unwanted amount of oil.  Many K-Beauty products target oil control.  More than simply blotting out oil, if skin stays properly hydrated, balanced, and nourished you will be able to conquer the unwanted oil. 
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You’re not just putting anything on your face.  Ingredients are constantly being improved upon because of fervent research and development.  They span the board from herbal and natural to completely unconventional and adventurous.  There is no fear of experimentation.  Clients demand the best and the brands are sure to deliver products that speak through results.  It’s all about having great skin, not hiding your skin.  The ingredients pack a punch making brand products of high quality and effectiveness.  Glowing skin makes for a happy lady!  Here are just a few of the skin-loving ingredients in addition to the previous:

  • Snail/ Snail Essence—great for problem skin.  Contains anti-aging properties, hyaluronic acid, and cell-building proteins.
  • Rice/ Rice Water—awesome for brightening skin tone.
  • Volcanic Clay—acclaimed for clarifying and calming .
  • Rose Water—moisturize, soften, and brighten skin.  Great to use in toners and sheet masks.

Of course, this list could go on and on.

Why add this to your self-care routine?

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Following Korean skincare routines, requires committed time to treat yourself.  These products can be a luxury for your skin without the hassle of having to go to a five-star spa (or pay the 5-starprices in most cases).  Take a “me day” and indulge in treatments comfortably at home.  You can even take them on the go for a bit of “R and R” in the middle of vacation or business trips to make sure skin has a little TLC.  Start cleansing with music blasting and settle down with a mask in your tub or on the bed watching Netflix (I’m the latter). 

As you’ll notice, the photos accompanying this post, all seem rather simple.  That’s because in my opinion, simple is best.  I have sensitive skin and cannot afford to experiment with unknown or potentially harmful ingredients.  I love using ingredients found in mother nature.  99.9 % of what goes on my face is natural or organic and my face thanks me for it. 

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You’re not limited to one brand or product type.  Just how there’s about a product for any skin concern, there is an abundancy of high-quality products to choose from—and at reasonable prices.  This is great for when you’re just starting out or already committed.  You’re not going to break the bank, if you change your skin-care routine now and will undoubtedly find a product to meet your needs.  You can surf through the brands and products all the time or find a favorite and stick to it (stay long enough, you’ll have a vanity full).  It’s everything galore.

I rotate through a variety of skincare ingredients and holy grail products.  By go-to brand, currently, is Innisfree.  This brand I love for their sheet masks and green tea skincare line. 

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You’ll enjoy using the products!  Where else can you find cute little accessories to brighten your mood or masks with glitter to lighten the evening?  The research and innovation of Korean skincare brands brings frequent releases of creative, safe and fun products to treat skin.  Each use is fun with the promise of looking forward to healthy results.

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