“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” ~Coco Chanel

Location: Jingan, Shanghai, China

Eateries: Starbucks Roastery, Bread, YUN’s Fusion Cuisine, Twosome

Self-care can be performed in many ways. At home, on-the-go and if you do it up you can be in for a luxurious treat. Our “Luxury Self-Care Days On-location” series with locations in Shanghai was kicked off in the Huangpu District , famous for the iconic city skyline.

During my time in Shanghai, I learned it was especially important to provide the best care for myself in the amazing country and city I was in. I was working in an incredible place and there were so many advantages to living in the city “Upon the Sea.”I intentionally reserved time to get out of the house, or loft as it was, and hit the city (and still do). There are times where it is necessary to go outside the comfort zone. Traveling or living abroad can be overwhelming, so it’s important to connect with the place you’re at and experience the world beyond the couch, computer, and cell phone.

Mobile photo by Miranda

An excellent way to level up your self-care days is to set aside time for luxury treatment. To continue with our “Luxury Self-Care Days On-Location” series, let’s move into the city center of Shanghai—Jingan. It’s a great spot to be in with a little something for everyone. Jingan has everything from hidden city retreats in parks to luxury malls and small shops, street stall food to fine dining. If you’re in Shanghai, China, your luxury self-care day in the Jingan district may look a little something like this…

8:00 Time to get up! No social media this first hour. Take your time attending to your face-care routine and dress nicely. Be sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes because oh, the places your feet will go. Flush out toxins with a glass of water before having a light breakfast while completing a morning journal entry or another activity. For me, I like toast and fruit while scribbling in an adult devotion coloring book sometimes.

Mobile photo by Miranda

9:30 Grab your bag and a book. Morning traffic has slowed, and places are opening. Let’s hit the streets and head to the Starbucks Roastery on West Nanjing for brunch (Depending on your starting point, you may want to leave even earlier to snag a seat as this place can get quite full). Enjoy your brunch selections and put in at least thirty minutes of reading before moving to the next location.

12:30 Spa time! Head down West Nanjing Road to Shimen 1st Road and feel free to do a little window shopping as you go. Turn on Dagu Road to arrive at Subconscious Day Spa early for a body or facial treatment. Follow the stairs up to check-in for your appointment and sip on tea as you wait. Their spa menu is quite extensive, so you are sure to find something you like.

14:00 Afternoon tea anyone, or another coffee? Time to head back up Shimen 1st Road to Nanjing Road (West) again (Remember this main road). A little way before Changde Road you will come across Bread. Order a tasty beverage and why not go ahead and choose a pastry as well. All this walking can create quite an appetite (and burn off all the calories).

Mobile photo by Miranda

16:00 If you are rested from your wine-down time, let’s take a stroll through the strips of department stores down West Nanjing for a little more window shopping—or even actual shopping. From the many levels that go above and below the ground floor, you are sure to find various things to capture your attention.

17:30 Dinner Time! Head towards Tongren Road on West Nanjing and right on the corner you will find a quaint multi-story restaurant that you’ll be happy you didn’t miss. Here at YUN’s Fusion Cuisine dine with a touch of richness reflected in the velvet chairs and painted ceramic plates.

19:30 If you don’t mind moving to a different spot for dessert, it would be remiss to mention stopping by Twosome for evening dessert and one of the best cups of coffee.

Mobile photo by Miranda

Shanghai is a bustling city, full of culture, innovation, and movement. So, of course, there are a plethora of options when planning a luxury self-care, just in the Jingan District alone. Perhaps you may want to try The Commune Social for brunch. Instead of afternoon tea, you might want a snack in the Reel or do brunch on Gourmet Street. You might want to check out 1515 West Chophouse & Bar at the Jingan Shangri-La for dinner. Would this be an activity you would want to try or think you can benefit from? Perhaps you would arrange your day differently? Let us know with a comment below.

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  1. An excellent post offering inspiration to visit China. Shanghai looks wonderful and some excellent suggestions offered on what to see and do. Great post & photos! 🙂


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