“Talk to yourself like someone you love.” Brene Brown

Do you treat yourself every day?  Do you treat yourself at all?  After Valentine’s Day there is not another holiday for some time and many fall into a slight depression.  This is typical following the highs of celebration and holidays; yet, even during the holidays, many walk into the day with a pessimistic outlook on life or their situation.  For this reason, it is important to treat yourself, among others.

This is not saying that treating yourself will wipe away depression or any detrimental mental health issues.  In these instances, it is important to seek outside help to get life back in the right direction and return to a state of wholeness.  For the days when we feel we’re getting into a rut or stuck, or perhaps are just a little bit down, treating yourself can do wonders for your self-esteem, mood, and well-being.

There are numerous reasons to treat yourself like every day is a special occasion.  Getting into the habit of treating yourself can foster positivity, a stronger mindset, promote goodness, and encourage appreciation of life, of things that matter most, dreams, and so much more.

Furthermore, there is invaluable reward in treating yourself beyond ice cream in your pajamas.  Take it a step further to getting to know yourself.  Do you see where this is heading?  Yes.  It is leading to dating yourself.  This sounds especially taboo and depressing to those out of or even in a relationship and wanting the best for their friend or loved one.  However, the bottom line is if you’re not comfortable with yourself, if you can’t be alone, if you don’t like your own company, if you can’t satisfy yourself, you will not be able to have a fulfilling relationship and the other areas of your life will feel void as well.

Treating yourself gets you comfortable with how you want to be treated.  When you know how you want to be treated, you won’t allow yourself to be treated otherwise.  No one can sway you or force you to conform to a different type of treatment because what you have implemented has become a set standard for you.  It is something you can provide for yourself.

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