“Romanticize your life. Look for the beauty in the world.”

While I do love my recipes and lifestyle tidbits, there is a side to my creative endeavors that I don’t talk about much on this blog, and that is photography– and that’s weird! It really does tie everything together. So, today I want to put it in the spotlight and just maybe you can share in something that I love to do.

As styling of photography that I’ve really dived into and feel connects best with my content here is romantic. Not in the conventional sense, but in beautifying life.

Romance. It can be soft and subtle or loud and dramatic. Either way, it enters our lives for the better. Romance is a hopeful ideal that can be beautifully captured in photos. It encourages us to live in the present and cherish fleeting moments. Who doesn’t love a little romance?!

Images and videos of princesscore and cottagecore, flood my feed; not to mention all the content on living your best soft life. Along with the self-love movement, this life philosophy of romanticizing one’s life is gaining in popularity.

Romantic photo shoots where you can be the main character truly place you in the present moment. As with romance novels, luxury picnics, and impromptu getaways, romantic photoshoots allow you to escape reality, if just for a moment, into something beautiful, a moment you can cherish.

There are a variety of photos that you can take to capture being the main character. The style is soft on the eyes and when styled perfectly, the photo looks like it came from another time. Another element in a few of the photos is flowers. Florals can beautifully accessorize any romantic photoshoot, especially roses. The soft and dreamy effects, take the photos to another level.

These are but a few. But if you had the opportunity to be captured in a portrait of romanticizing your life, what would that look like?

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